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Offspring at Verdener Auction

2 août 2021 12.27

Numerous offspring are represented at the 14th Verdener Online Auction. The final bid-up for number 1 to 56 ends on Saturday, the 7th of August. Number 61 and higher will be auctioned on the 8th of August.
We keep our fingers crossed for a successful auction.
Part I
No. 6 Vilano
by Vivaldos x Scuderia x Weltmeyer
Breeder and owner: Dieter and Jens Röbken, Rastede
No. 27 Vredt
by Vivaldos x Lauries Crusador xx x Fabriano
Breeder and owner: ZG von Thaden, Bülkau
No. 37 Viviano
by Vivaldos x Ricardos x Ehrentusch
Breeder and owner: Konrad Böth, Weimar
Part II
No. 64 For Lady
by For Austria x De Niro x Fürstenball
Breeder and owner: Dr. Rolf-Peter Schulze, Hoitlingen
No. 85 Little Konni
by Like Pleasure x Diacontinus x A Conto As
Breeder and owner: Konrad Böth, Weimar
No. 86 Casiro's Countess
by Casiro x Count Top x Sandro
Breeder and owner: Jürgen Uhlenwinkel, Grethem